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Bulletproof Glass

Bullet-proof glass is made scientifically by combination of clear float glass of different thickness with multi-layers PVB film. In order to strengthen the security performance of the bullet-proof glass, glass thickness and PVB thickness have been increased. Because of the strong sticking of the glass with the PVB film, the hit by metal can only crush but not penetrate the glass; therefore the bulletproof security effect is obtained.


Anti-shock, anti-penetration and good safety

Good sound insulation and heat insulation

Strong uvioresistant

Durable and fadeless


-  Bank

- Securities company

- Counter of jewelry shop

- Treasure counter of museum and art shop

- Viewport of explosion-proof apparatus 

- Door and window of prison


Glass thickness: 3~19mm

Interlayer film thickness: 0.38~3.04mm for PVB

                       1.52mm and 3.04mm for SGP

Max. Size: 2440mm×6000mm

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